Audio Manifestations records the hidden narratives of artists in the Western Addition/Fillmore district in San Francisco, and shares these stories with the wider neighborhood. By creating multi-media stories focusing on our neighborhood's artists, the project illuminates the passions and talents that have emerged from our local streets.

Audio Manifestations will culminate in a community listening event that aims to create empathy, solidarity, and engagement by sharing artists' experiences, and celebrating their commitment to making an impact on our blocks.

We invite local artists, musicians, radio documentations, and neighbors to submit any sound or audio art that will be featured during the listening party. Reach out to and join in.

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Take a listen, join in.


A warm welcome to Audio Manifestations, a collection of multi-media stories illuminating the often hidden passions and talents that have emerged from our local streets. Based in the Western Addition/Fillmore district in San Francisco, the project gathers narratives from our neighbourhood, focusing on the contributions and experiences of local artists, and those who have been influenced by their work.

As the project itself has roots in collaboration, we invite local artists, musicians, radio documentations and neighbours to submit sound or audio art that memorialises our blocks. Audio Manifestations will culminate in a neighbourhood listening party, during which all of the collected stories will be shared. 

For now, stay tuned for audio excerpts and images as the project unfolds. Take a listen, and please join in.